Our Quest

The Green Quest Organization-

Established in 1970, our goal and primary quest is to research, develop, and provide affordable engineering tools and educational materials to Eco-Green professionals, educators, and DIY consumers and enthusiasts globally. Our research, educational materials, and drawings are presently used in 195 countries of the world.

Our focus is on Green Energy, geothermal, recyclable materials and processes, and sustainable technologies such as year-around geo-air greenhouses, grow rooms, geo-solar home heating/cooling technologies, and provide funding to the first, and primary advocacy organizations of the valuable recyclable ISO shipping container technology and their uses, including shipping container homes, and emergency shelters since 2006.

Our decades of research, drawings, plans, and educational materials are used daily in literally every country of the world.

"We are the source" and inspiration to thousands of DIY consumers, business entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, students, and educators for more than 50 years, and the prime source of engineering drawings to the Shipping Container trade and construction industry globally for more than 17 years.

Whether you're a professional or a consumer, you've probably seen our technologies, concepts, and drawings hundreds of times and didn't know it, ...which is fine with us!

We are passionate advocates, and "we are the source".

Our goal is to promote and inspire, keep our products affordable, and to save professionals and consumers the time and money of the expensive research, and hundreds of hours creating 2D and 3D drawings and models, and instead let them spend their valuable time and money on other areas of development and production. Our customers tell us they save an average of 20 to 100 hours per model purchased, resulting in hundreds and thousands of dollars saved, which can be a matter of project failure, or project success.

Initial funding in the 1970 was from the Naef Family Foundation, a USDA grant, and later a grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE) in 1977, operating self funded since 1978.

Green Quest legal headquarters are in Sheridan, Wyoming in the United States, and other EU headquarters and research facilities in Europe and the Balkans since 2015.

For additional information, support, or media inquiries, contact use here: GreenQuest